#50YearsofSkateboarding Season 1

“Dozens or hundreds of people have seen these clips, but millions haven’t…”

Now this wasn’t a discussion that was held in any capacity regarding #50YearsofSkateboarding , but I (Casey Smith) retrieved hundreds of hours of weirdo crap filmed from 2000 through 2009.

To explain the existence of such videos, they’re mainly silly junk filmed for public access television before the advent of YouTube or HD cameras being something that came with your phone.

Being once described as a “collage of fun and youth” when cut together for public access in 2003-2005, they’re now cut together for the audiences of 2010 in the year 2020. Perfect.

Casey Smith Migraine
Casey, bringing the chuckles with a migraine.

Common #50YearsofSkatebording Questions

Why 50 years of skateboarding?

Because the #10YearsofSkateboarding hashtag has already been used.

Why wasn’t this released sooner?

The consumer grade technology wasn’t available and/or efficient enough to make converting the tapes to digital format easy. Also, life happens.

Where are these guys now?

They’re mostly alive. I (Casey) created this site. Steve landscapes and click here to his site so you can do business with him.

Tape Library

The September 2006 Tape

The July 2006 Tonic Skateboard Rochester Demo/Tour Tape

The May 1st, 2005 Tape

The October 2005 Tape

The March 30th, 2005 Tape

The May 1st, 2005 Tape

The October 1st, 2004 Tape

The August 2004 Tape

The June 2004 Tape

The October 2003 Tape

The August 2003 Tape

The September 2002 Tape

The August 2002 Tape

The July 2002 Florida Tape 1

The September 2001 TapeThe Spring 2001 Tape

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